Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts operates innovative boutique and glamorous beach and urban hotels with unprecedented allure for the luxury traveller and jet-set global elite. Whether on the beach or at the heart of a bustling city, a Nikki Beach Hotel or Resort features an innovative and unique room experience along with gourmet world-class dining, extensive spa facilities, and signature day and night entertainment.

Integrating Nature With Architecture and Design

As the founder and owner of Nikki Beach, Jack Penrod is involved with every facet of the luxury, lifestyle brand. His imprint is on the architecture and décor of each location, from choosing the nature-inspired materials to determining the style of interior design. Jack’s keen eye determines the flow of all components. This extends from the beach clubs to the resort properties. While the hotels embrace a more modern look, they still integrate the brand’s natural wood and earthy elements.

Jack Penrod
“Nikki Beach was created to celebrate life and we make sure this commitment is present in every aspect of our business – from design to marketing and operations.”

Jack Penrod, Founder of Nikki Beach

In Jack Penrod’s own words

Everything was designed with my daughter Nicole in mind. The look is meant to be soft, friendly, carefree, beautiful and safe. Guests feel at home, whether they are sunbathing, sharing a meal or joining our events. We create the perfect stage to allow them to “Celebrate Life”. Nikki Beach is all about keeping the look natural and simple. There’s nothing synthetic or over the top. When we first started coming up with ideas, I spent a lot of time in Central America with my wife Lucia, and we went around farms acquiring some of the large wooden tables that are made out of one big piece of solid wood. It was this natural look combined with soft sophistication in all white fabrics and free-flowing white curtains that made the essence of our Nikki Beach design. Basic, simple and with a touch of heaven. Like you are in the clouds. The teepee is a symbol of living close to the ground and nature. It is a great reminder to stay grounded and respect nature. It conjures up memories of family around a campfire, sharing meals and stories. Celebrating life in a simple but very rewarding way. Another important factor in designing Nikki Beach was to make sure we kept the good energy flowing through the space. Nothing should block the flow. My biggest surprise is when I see our customers’ attitude of feeling like they just got home. It’s very rewarding. Our Nikki Beach design is never exactly the same, but all of the locations have the elements that we know make our customers feel good. When we enter new regions, sometimes we collaborate with other designers and architects but always following our vision of “Celebrating Life” surrounded by natural and earthy elements and this is found all over the world.